City Awarded $2.1 Million in Federal Funding Through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program

The City of Mississauga has been awarded approximately $2.1 million in Government of Canada funding for 25 infrastructure rehabilitation projects through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150). The CIP 150 approved City projects include the rehabilitation of 14 trails, nine playgrounds and two specific renovation projects at Lake Aquitaine Park in Ward 9 and Riverwood Park in Ward 6. The federal program celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary, under the theme Giving back to Canada. The objective of the program is to strengthen public infrastructure and provide economic benefits in communities across Canada.

“Infrastructure funding commitments, such as Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program 150, made by the Trudeau government, helps municipalities invest to update much needed infrastructure,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “This funding enhances the overall well-being of our community and directly contributes to our city’s unrivalled quality of life for all residents. The funding also offers an opportunity for the City to complete projects of historical significance, celebrating Canadian history and heritage.”
Mayor Crombie added, “On behalf of my Council colleagues and the City of Mississauga, I would like to thank the Trudeau government for investing in our city and our promising future. Mississauga will contribute to the economic benefits to Canadians through job creation, addressing maturing infrastructure like playgrounds and trails that residents can continue to enjoy and sites which are important to Mississauga’s history. The funding will also strengthen accessible public infrastructure for the future.”

In total, the 25 infrastructure rehabilitation projects will cost $4.62 million, which includes the $2.1 million CIP 150 funding.

The City will contribute the remainder of the project costs, roughly $2.4 million, primarily through taxes and reserve funds approved in the 2016 Budget, with spending in 2016 and 2017,” said Janice Baker, City Manager and Chief Administration Officer.

CIP 150projects must be constructed under very tight timelines in order to meet the funding criteria; projects must begin after April 1, 2016 and be completed by June 30, 2017.

A contribution agreement is expected to be received by the end of March 2016.

For more information about the federal funding program, visit: Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.


On May 15, 2015 the Government of Canada announced the launch of the new CIP 150. FedDev, the Ontario-based agency, will be facilitating the funding in Southern Ontario with an allocation of $44.4 million to be spent over two years. The maximum funding available for any one project is limited to $1 million. Project applications and supporting documentation were submitted by the City in advance of the June 9, 2015 deadline.

Awarded CIP 150 City projects:


Project Type

Project Names

Project Estimate

Federal Contribution

Ward 1


Playgrounds Laughton Heights $157,000 $73,005
Trails Spruce Park $16,500 $7,673
Trails Lakeview Golf Course $19,800 $9,207
Trails Douglas Kennedy $27,000 $12,555
Ward 2


Playgrounds Birch Glen $157,000 $73,005
Playgrounds Birchwood $157,000 $73,005
Trails Sheridan Creek Trail $26,400 $12, 276
Trails Birch Glen $198,891 $92,484
Ward 3


Specific Jaycee Regional Inclusive Playground Development $568,000 $265,500
Trails Forest Glen $36,300 $16,880
Ward 4 Trails Bishopstoke Park $27,500 $12,788
Trails Woodington Green $16,500 $7,673
Ward 5 Playgrounds Westwood $157,000 $73,005
Trails Derry Greenway $28,600 $13,249
Trails Father Joseph A Nolan Park $25,300 $11,765
Ward 6 Specific Riverwood/Chappell House Improvements $1,600,000 $745,630
Ward 7


Playgrounds Stillmeadow $157,000 $73,005
Playgrounds Iroquois Flats $157,000 $73,005
Trails Camilla Park $25,300 $11,764
Trails Fairview Park $15,400 $7,161
Ward 9 Specific Lake Aquitaine Splashpad, hard surface and dock reconstruction $547,200 $237,250
Ward 10


Playgrounds Cordingley Park $157,000 $73,005
Playgrounds Johnny Bower $157,000 $73,005
Ward 11


Trails Vista Heights $26,400 $12,276
Trails Manor Hill $161,458 $75,078
Total: $4,622,549 $2,135,247


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