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Province of Ontario
Prominent TV Journalist seeks PC Party Nomination in the riding of Mississauga-South PDF Print E-mail
Government - Province of Ontario
Wednesday, 17 November 2010 11:09

--November 17th, 2010-

Well-known television journalist Darryl Konynenbelt is announcing his intention to seek the PC party nomination in the riding of Mississauga. Darryl is an active professional member of the local community having served as the bureau chief for Global News for the past year.

Darryl believes another four years of liberal rule is not healthy for Mississauga-South. "This community's well-being is rooted in how we unite together to ensure our families breathe the cleanest air, receive the best job opportunities and have access to high-quality health care facilities," says Darryl. "I am personally committed to issues that affect our environment, the economy, and to healthcare."

While Darryl has never run for public office before, he is no stranger to politics, spending more than twenty years as a journalist covering elections, and other prevalent political stories in Alberta, BC and Ontario. He and his wife Anne-Marie are raising triplets Libby, Annabel and Maxim and have balanced their professional careers with solid family values.

"The time to run is now," says Darryl. "I'm committed to ensure we don't face another 4 years of Liberal rule in this province; liberal rule that has forced the good people of Mississauga-South to needlessly fear for their families health, safety and future prosperity."

Darryl is also committed to fighting reckless liberal government spending, unprecedented levels of taxation and helping Ontario rebuild to a "have" province through the creation of solid, private sector jobs.

"Ontarians are worried about the future," says Darryl. "The opportunities once offered in this great province are fading into distant memory. We need to rebuild and we need to provide the kind of tax relief needed to give people the confidence to spend again. It's time for the people of Mississauga-South to have their say and it's time for a candidate who will listen."

From the environment, to education, healthcare and the economy, Darryl is committed to working hard for Mississauga -South and ensuring you have a voice at Queen's Park.

Change is needed. To understand what Darryl stands for, log on to his website at www.teamdarryl.caPlease join Darryl for his official announcement Wednesday, November 17th at 11:30 am on the patio of Snug Harbour restaurant in Port Credit.

Natural Gas Power Plant in York Region Exempted from Planning Act PDF Print E-mail
Government - Province of Ontario
Sunday, 01 August 2010 15:27

McGuinty Government Supports Reliable Energy Supply, Creates Jobs

The York Energy Centre is on track to provide a reliable energy supply for York Region with a target for commercial operation by mid 2012.

The province has approved a regulation that streamlines land use planning approvals by exempting the facility from the Planning Act.  This exemption is needed to allow the development of new, clean-burning natural gas-generated electricity in an area of rapid growth. Supply in York Region is insufficient to meet the energy needs of a region where demand has been forecast to grow by three times the provincial average.

The York Energy Centre will run about 10 per cent of the time to provide on-demand power mostly during peak times, to help meet periods of high energy demand.

The project completed the environmental assessment requirement and received Ministry of Environment approval for an electricity project of this type.

Developing the York Energy Centre would create up to 200 jobs during peak construction and is an important part of the Open Ontario plan to ensure a sustainable supply of reliable energy for this rapidly growing region.

'Province sued over gas-fired power plant plan in King:' Toronto Star PDF Print E-mail
Government - Province of Ontario
Saturday, 24 July 2010 09:43

The Toronto Star is reporting "A coalition of farmers, residents and green activists are suing the provincial government for shoving through a gas-fired power plant next to the Holland Marsh."

The article makes mention of the proposed Oakville generation plant.

Government - Province of Ontario
Thursday, 10 December 2009 21:14

One of North America’s largest natural gas power plants proposed to go within 320 metres of a school

TORONTO, December 10 – As world leaders and environmental experts meet at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this week, Oakville group Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) is urging fellow Ontarians and government policy makers to think locally, and reconsider the proposed placement of a private natural gas power plant to be built by TransCanada Energy. The targeted location is startlingly close to schools and homes.

The 900-megawatt natural gas power plant – one of the largest of its kind in North America – is proposed to go up on a site at the edge of Oakville’s Ford Assembly Plant, an area that is only 320 metres from the nearby Chisholm school and about 400 metres from homes. In fact, there are over 16 schools and 11,000 homes in a three-kilometer radius of the proposed location, situated near the QEW and Royal Windsor Drive.

At the heart of the problem, according to C4CA, is the specific location of the plant that came to be by a flawed process. C4CA believes that the RFP process of the Ontario Power Authority closed the door to considering better alternatives, gave insufficient consideration to socio-economic impacts, and did not allow for reasonable timelines and meaningful community input. The position of C4CA was validated by a December 4th ruling of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) upholding an interim control bylaw issued by the Town of Oakville to allow more time to assess the impact of this proposed power plant. TransCanada and Ford of Canada unsuccessfully tried to have the bylaw struck down.

“It’s encouraging to see good common sense brought to the situation,” said Susan Hyatt, spokesperson for C4CA. “The OMB hearing was the first time an independent third party, acting separately from the Ontario Government or TransCanada, was able to look at this proposed location and power plant, and look what happens – they agreed that there are significant issues that need more time for review.” Among the checkered processes highlighted by C4CA is the questionable mandate from the Ontario Power Authority to build at the Ford plant; followed by an owner/operator self-assessment process that allows such a massive power plant to go ahead based only on an operator’s own  environmental review. This is in contrast to an individual environmental assessment, which would involve proper direction and decision-making by the Ministry of the Environment.

Added Hyatt: “Simply put, having a power plant like this squeezed so close to a heavily populated community is not only very unusual and risky, it makes no logical sense.  Leaving aside the many emissions issues, from a safety perspective look no further than to last year’s explosion at Sunrise Propane to know that industrial plants situated next to established residential neighbourhoods do not mix. Current regulations would prevent even a single wind turbine from being constructed at this proposed location, but the same government is proposing to allow a huge 900-megawatt power plant at the site.”

Added Doug MacKenzie, C4CA President: “Ontario’s coal phase-out program is Canada’s largest climate change initiative. If the Ontario government supports this site, in the coming years it can be expected that natural gas power plants may well go up in communities right next to homes and schools across the province.”

The OMB ruling this week is encouraging in a number of respects. In the view of C4CA, it clearly confirms the role that municipalities need to play in protecting the public interest and takes note of the questionable timelines and process that have been followed by the proponents of this project. The process is flawed; Ontarians need to work together to ensure there is a logical, proper evaluation of where these plants are going. While this plant may appear to be Oakville’s problem, the precedent being set could lead to problems for everyone.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 December 2009 00:25
Replacement Power Supply for Southwest GTA PDF Print E-mail
Government - Province of Ontario
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 12:03

TORONTO, Sept. 30 - The Ontario Power Authority announced today it will sign a contract with TransCanada Corporation to design, build and operate a 900 megawatt (MW) electricity generating station in Oakville to provide a new, cleaner source of electricity for the growing southwest Greater Toronto Area. This new natural gas power plant will maintain local supply reliability and replace the coal-fired Lakeview generating station, helping Ontario become the first jurisdiction in the world to eliminate dirty coal from its electricity generation mix.

The new power plant will operate during peak periods and be up and running by Dec. 31, 2013. Emission standards for the new plant are 70 percent stricter than what is currently required by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. TransCanada will meet or exceed these standards, through the use of gas turbines that are among the most efficient available.

Last Updated on Monday, 19 October 2009 22:24
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