Mississauga Miracle

Do you remember the 1979 train derailment?

November 10th marks the 40th anniversary of the Mississauga Train Derailment, also known as the Mississauga Miracle. This event saw over 240,000 residents evacuated from their homes; the largest peacetime evacuation in North America at that time. Fortunately, there were no deaths in the incident.
Exhibitions presented in partnership with Heritage Mississauga and the Museums of Mississauga will run at both Bradley Museum and the Heritage Mississauga office at “The Grange” and will feature local art, as well as archives and artifacts related to the derailment. Artifacts from the Museums’ collections include the Pressure Relief Valve from the derailed tanker, the final investigation report, images from a variety of sources including the Museums of Mississauga, Heritage Mississauga, PAMA, and other commemorative items.

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